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N.B. The scholarship is subject to the following rules and regulations.For receiving the scholarship in the month of your arrival in the Netherlands, you must be here before the 15th of that month. The same goes for the month in which you finish your studies: if you leave before the 15th of that month, the scholarship will not be awarded for that month. Once your term as holder of a scholarship is over, it cannot be renewed.Scholarships are awarded for a maximum period of 6 months. Half way through your studies, the foundation can ask either your Dutch or South African tutor whether they are satisfied with your work. If not, the Foundation can end your scholarship. If you decide to amend your study plan, you have to notify the Foundation in writing. If it becomes known that you use your scholarship for any other purpose than that mentioned above, the foundation has the right to end your scholarship.If you receive any other scholarship in either South Africa or the Netherlands and do not notify the foundation, you may lose the scholarship from the Foundation. You have to inform the foundation of any scholarships you have applied for - before or after applying for this one. For the scholarship to be acknowledged, the Foundation requires: A report on your activities (both academic and social) must be sent to the Foundation no later than 2 months after your scholarship has ended. This report should not be longer than 4 of 5 pages A4. A copy of your publications or theses as a result of your research in the Netherlands should be sent to the library of the South-African Institute (Keizersgracht 141C, 1015 CK Amsterdam, The Netherlands). In the above mentioned publications you should give acknowledgement to the Study Fund.The scholarship will be terminated immediately and any payments that were received will have to be paid back: - If any of the information supplied on the application form is found to be untrue. - If the holder arrives in the Netherlands too late to take part in the intended activity. - If the holder is forced to withdraw from the activity. The Board’s decisions are final. No correspondence relating to these decisions will be entered into.


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