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What are the selection criteria for application?

To be eligible for a SSF Scholarship you:
- must have South African nationality;
- must be registered as student at a South African university;
- must be accepted at one of the Dutch universities or recognised research institutions
- must show working knowledge of the relevant language of instruction / research collaboration (generally English and/or Dutch)

What types of academic activities can I embark on with a SSF scholarship?

- The SSF prioritises internships in the Netherlands that are part of, or contribute to, the completion of your Masters studies at a university in South Africa;
- Study visits that contribute towards the completion of collaborative research projects involving Dutch and South African academics;
- Taught courses (covering a period of three to six months), the credits of which are accepted towards the completion of your South African post-graduate degree course;
- Research activities that can be completed in three to six months and that contribute towards the completion of your South African post-graduate degree course;
- Travel Allowances for short visits [less than 3 months] to the Netherlands to do research (also for non-degree purposes), attend academic courses, conferences and master classes.

What does the Study Fund scholarship cover financially?

A scholarship covers a monthly allowance of € 970 or €1190 (PhD) (including medical insurance and the costs of a visa) and a travel allowance of € 1000. The amount is calculated on the living cost of a (single) student and would not be sufficient for a couple or family. The student must remember to bring enough money for extra expenses during the first few weeks of his/her stay.
A travel allowance for short visits amounts to € 1.200 p.p.

How to apply

Step 1. Admission to university / study programme
Before you can apply for a scholarship, you first have to apply for admission to a study programme in the Netherlands. You should indicate that your study performance is excellent and that you wish to be nominated for the prestigious SFF scholarship. A letter of admittance is one of the documents you need to apply for a bursary.


Step 2. Application form and necessary documents
Download the application form here
Complete and send this form and the following documents by e-mail to the secretary of the SFF:
- Letter of admission of the university / study programme of your choice
- A short overview of your academic record after leaving school 
- Copies of (academic) certificates and academic records; 
- Study plan: a short description (maximum 2 x A4) of your planned study in the Netherlands for a minimum period of 3 months or a maximum period of 6 months. 
[Please see that you answer the following questions: 1. Problem statement 2.- Why do you want to study at the mentioned Dutch institution? 3. Why did you choose your particular tutor?]
- Ask your South African study coordinator or research mentor to send us (directly and confidentially) a reference letter to support your request for financial support

Closing dates

31 January for studies starting in September
31 May for studies starting in February next year

Where to apply

Send your application form and attachments by e-mail to the secetary of the SFF:
Mr. G. van den Berg 
E-mail: studiefonds@zuidafrikahuis.nl
Zuid-Afrika Huis
Keizersgracht 141C
The Netherlands

Study Visa

Make sure that you start well in advance applying for a study visa at the Netherlands Embassy in Pretoria or the Consulate in Cape Town. If you don’t have a passport yet, you will first have to allow for the time needed to obtain one.

Ambassade van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in Pretoria
210 Florence Ribeiro Avenue
New Muckleneuk 
+27-(0)12-425 4500

Nederlands Consulaat-generaal in Kaapstad
Strandstraat 100
Kaapstad 8001
+27-(0)21-421 5660

Where to study and/or do research

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen: www.ru.nl
Universiteit Groningen: www.rug.nl
Universiteit Leiden: www.studereninleiden.nl
Universiteit Maastricht: www.maas.nl
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam: www.eur.nl
Universiteit Utrecht: www.uu.nl
Universiteit van Amsterdam: www.uva.nl
Universiteit van Tilburg: www.uvt.nl
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: www.vu.nl


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